My Blood Beats Black Tonight

"I wouldn't say I was particulary volatile but... oh, alright, I am. I'm horribly cynical. I don't suffer fools gladly. Anything which I think is in the least bit foolish really irratates me. Like people who make a thing out of being weak and insecure, I hate that. But I'm a big fool anyway, so maybe I just hate myself."
- Damon Albarn
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Top 10 Bands #5: The Good The Bad & The Queen

Favorite songs: the entire album is just awesome! I can’t split it to a separate songs. I mean really, this is too beautiful! + England, Summer (in black & white) Polling Day

First song I heard: Kingdom of Doom

Favorite album: The Good The Bad & The Queen

Favorite Lyrics:

Into the dawn of another way of looking at
The people we’ve become. (Behind the Sun)

A ship across
The estuary
Sundays lost
In melancholy (History Song)

Oh it’s alright .Everything jolly. Running up the hill
On a stroppy little island of mixed up people (Three Changes)

Everyone is a submarine
Looking for a dream far away (Nature Springs)

Friday night
In the kingdom of doom
Ravens fly
Across the moon
All in now
ThereТs a noise in the sky
Following all the rules
And not knowing why (Kingdom of Doom)

When I became a fan: 2007

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